#I.D.K - Inom. Drama. Kain.

There are quite a lot of Filipino restaurants in Tagaytay, but none will ever tug at your heartstrings like #I.D.K. Inom. Drama. Kain. could. Equipped with its scrumptious hugot-themed Filipino dishes, this hidden gem will not only fill your tummies but will also give you all the feels.

Complete from soups, to classic Filipino favorites, down to all-time favorite local desserts, we have every comforting local dish you could crave! 

Whether you are single or taken, rest assured that you can always find a safe place in this heartbreak-themed restaurant in Tagaytay.

Best Sellers

I Kare For You

A perennial family favorite in most local households, kare-kare has stolen the hearts of many Filipinos for its rich and authentic taste. Celebrate Filipino pride the best way possible with a hearty serving of I Kare For You!

Mautak na Bulalo-kohan

Rainy season or not, a steaming bowl of bulalo can always save the day. Level up your Filipino comfort food game and reward yourself with Mautak na Bulalo-kohan!

Inasal, Na-Fall

There is always this certain delight when people see chicken served on the dining table. With its classic juicy and smokey flavor, Inasal, Na-Fall surely can take your dining experience to the next level.